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According to the well-known American TV series of the same name, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. However, judging from the ludicrously luminous images of the Yummertime boys, we can only assume it’s always SUNNIER in San Francisco.

It was 2014 when we first stumbled across the creative outlet of Brock Williams and Chris Lin, the smiley duo behind the Californian lifestyle blog. At a time where the blogosphere was becoming increasingly overcrowded with cookie-cutter creations, their witty writing style, preference for all things pastel and obvious openness about their relationship (both with each other and their hometown) felt instantly refreshing and authentic. Staying strong to a simple ethos – ‘living our good life’ – has not only earned the boys a cool 83k Instagram followers but paved the way for countless collaborations with brands such as Barneys New York and Tommy Hilfiger.

We chatted with the happy-go-lucky pair to hear more about San Fran’s iconic gay heritage and their light-hearted approach to love, life and looking good.

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Tell us a bit about yourselves and how the Yummertime journey began?

Firstly, we’re wacky, nutty, kooky, all of the above. Secondly, our names are Brock Williams and Chris Lin. Here’s our spiel: Yummertime has been around for just over one and half years now. It all started from a super-secret conversation that went something like:

Brock: “This pizza tastes yumma!”
Chris: “I love that word, yumma.”
Brock: “Me too.”
Chris: “Yumma, yumma.”
Brock: “Yumma, yumma, yummertime.”
Chris: “Like summertime?”
Brock: “Yeah!”
Chris: “Yummertime summertime!”
Brock: “Yummertime!”

This is verbatim of what actually happened, tbh. Also, the pizza was an “Ultimeat” pizza from Round Table — we highly recommend it.

From there, we’d use Yummertime in our everyday conversations together. At the time, we were incredibly unhappy with our day jobs — Brock was at an advertising agency in account management; Chris, at a video game company leading growth and user acquisition — and needed to find a creative outlet together. So we started snapping photos of each other and decided to launch a blog in June 2014.

Talk us through a typical day in the life of Yummertime.

Since we often get asked this question, we’ll try not to sound like a broken record, AHHH. 🙁

Every day is, really, so different from the next. One day we’ll spend the majority of our time shooting upcoming content for the blog, the next we may spend on calls with partners discussing future projects. At the base of it all, we don’t take life too seriously, eat pizza at least two times a week, and consistently coordinate dances with our cat, Thomas.

Ha! That’s a great ethos to have. Yummertime has a very distinctive aesthetic. How would you describe your visual style and how did it come to be?

In three words: bright, fun, and pastel. And how did it come to be? Tbh, we wouldn’t be able to pinpoint any one defining moment other than the moment we moved to San Francisco. A year into our relationship together, bright and starry-eyed and learning more and more about each other, we spent more time exploring the city than anything else. We found San Francisco to be brighter than any other city we’d ever seen. That in itself has probably defined our aesthetic the most.

We found San Francisco to be brighter than any other city we’d ever seen. That in itself has probably defined our aesthetic the most.

You’ve built a hugely successful brand out of your lifestyle, both through your blog and Instagram. What do you think it is about your relationship with each other and your take on life that resonates with your readers?

We’d love to think it’s that we don’t take life too seriously, that we’re having fun. But, who knows! Maybe it’s the pizza. Maybe it’s the kittens. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ll throw on a basic tee and call it “style”!

At the end of the day, all that matters is that we made someone smile — *barf* — is that too sappy? Yeah, that’s too sappy! Don’t include that! NO, DON’T. 😉

I remember reading an interview with you guys last year where you mentioned that ‘having fun [on Instagram] sells but
trying to have fun doesn’t.’ How important is authenticity to the Yummertime brand?

It represents 100% of everything that we do. We’ve come this far being ourselves; why ever change?

What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts you’re following at the moment?

Off the top of our heads, for photography: @oscarwastaken, @grantlegan and @safehomme. For colours and design: @mattcrump, @groehrs, and @heyrooney. For style: @justinliv, @oh_anthonio and @chasingkendall. For brands: @coach and @glossier.

Your love affair with San Francisco is clearly evident in your Instagram feed. What are some of your favourite places to go in the city to snap the perfect shot?

For pink, head to: 333 Lombard St; 4435 18th St; St. Anne’s of Sunset at 850 Judah St and Miette at 449 Octavia St.

More of our favourite locations include Pulgas Water Temple (not in San Francisco, but close), Ocean Beach, the tennis courts at Corona Heights and the top of the parking structure at Sutter and Stockton. Just to name a few.

San Francisco has such a rich gay history – from the birthplace of the Rainbow Flag in 1978, to more recently as the sunny backdrop in HBO’s
Looking. How would you describe the gay culture in San Fran and how affiliated do you feel with it?

We wouldn’t be able to generalize. But in a word, evolving. We can only speak of our own experience — we’re more concerned with finding the best fried chicken sandwich than we are with examining SF gay culture. More specifically, it’s difficult to separate out our experience with “SF gay culture” from our experience with San Francisco in general. Tbh, our perspective doesn’t parcel out the minute differences, day to day.

In 2016, the lives of openly gay couples seem to be capturing the imaginations of an ever-growing audience on Instagram. What do you think is it about this combination of sexuality and social media that’s causing such a stir?

Maybe it’s the open honesty? The fact that by being open about your sexuality across a social media platform, you’re, in a way, being completely honest about one particular aspect of your identity. That in itself is refreshing.

Again, we can only speak from our own experience. There’s no hiding away from our sexuality, no ambiguity. Our relationship’s out on the table. 🙂

There’s no hiding away from our sexuality, no ambiguity. Our relationship’s out on the table.

What are your future plans? What does 2016 hold for Yummertime?

More pizza parties? Maybe we’ll adopt another cat? Shopping sprees?! WE CAN ONLY HOPE.

2016 is a big year for us. And if there’s one thing we’re great at, it’s never spilling a secret. 😉 HINT: clothes…

Wait, is that too big of a hint!?

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